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Writing Prompt #3

Create a short story that takes place inside a refrigerator. The main character’s name is Ketchup. Who will be the antagonist? ∞ ∞ Here I was, Ketchup, minding my own business when the Human opened the door and popped in … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt #2

What would your life have been like if you lived during the Renaissance? Write a journal entry as if you were leading that life.   ∞ ∞ We hath been cooking all day preparing for the Easter pageant. There will … Continue reading

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The Star (Tarot Tales)

Driven from their homes on Earth, their navigational controls commandeered by an unknown entity, five generations of humans have hurtled through space toward their destiny: a collision course with a distant star. ∞ Will this be the stellar extinction of … Continue reading

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Facebook Screw-up

There are a number of Facebook sites that not only welcome but also invite independent authors to participate. These pages were created so that authors could list their eBook promotions. ∞ Facebook has now deemed these invited and welcome posters … Continue reading

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Preparing to Launch

I am almost an indie author. Very soon I hope to drop the word “almost.” ∞ My first book is finished, professionally edited—thank you Katherine Quimby Johnson. The book cover is done—a JPG for the eBook and PDF for print. … Continue reading

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