Facebook Screw-up

There are a number of Facebook sites that not only welcome but also invite independent authors to participate. These pages were created so that authors could list their eBook promotions.

Facebook has now deemed these invited and welcome posters as spammers.

That’s right. If you dare to post on the Facebook pages, which exist solely for the purpose of advertising your promotions, you are now considered a spammer and can be barred from any further posting for a pre-determined number of days.

Warning: If you wish to post your eBook promotions on any of these Facebook pages that allow it, be very careful—you could be labeled a “spammer.” My advice: Everyone reading this post should contact these Facebook sites and inform them that their participants are now considered spammers by the Facebook hierarchy.


Word for Today: Guttle—The only result of Spencer’s two-meal fasting diet was to guttle his evening meal in quantity greater than if he had not fasted at all.



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Learning the Craft

I thought I would share some of the sources I have been using while learning the craft. The first are two magazines: The Writer Magazine and Writer’s Digest.

The following are books I am currently perusing:

Lessons From a Writing Life by Terry Brooks

Writing Horror edited by Mort Castle

Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy by Crawford Kilian

On Writing and Secret Windows by Stephen King

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

Welcome to Hell by Tom Piccirilli


Word for today: Abeyance—After Peter’s dismal showing at his first book signing, he put the rest of his book tour in abeyance.




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New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Most people who make New Year’s resolutions list what they hope to do in the following year. I am going to flip that and post what I will not do:

  • I will not allow a mountain of minutiae to block sight of my dream.
  • I will not allow small-minded people to narrow my vision.
  • I will not allow the pressure of daily and/or weekly goals keep me from looking out the window to see the sun, moon, stars; smelling flowers or fresh-mowed grass; or hear tires crunching fresh-fallen snow.
  • I will not allow the drudge of daily chores to keep me from stopping to laugh at a kitten’s silly antics.
  • I will not allow petty aggravations and frustrations to block my creative endeavors or to darken inspiration under a cloud of negativity.
  • I will not allow my desire for success to cause me to forget that it is the joy of the journey, not the destination, that is important.


Word for today: Raffish—Andre’s raffish smile and infectious laughter brought immediate forgiveness for his outrageous behavior.



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Done and Almost Done

My Kindle eBook, Last Hope,  is up and available at my Amazon Author Page: www.amazon.com/author/draescott. The print edition should be available in a few weeks.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who helped in its publication:

       — Katherine Quimby Johnson for her sage editing advice

        —Rita Toews for her cover design

        —Michelle Lovi for her formatting assistance with the print


An idea is a feat of association.                                —Robert Frost


Word for today: factitious—James spent the entire weekend trying to produce a factitious version of the Faberge egg he had broken during his first day of work at the museum.


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Preparing to Launch

I am almost an indie author. Very soon I hope to drop the word “almost.”

My first book is finished, professionally edited—thank you Katherine Quimby Johnson. The book cover is done—a JPG for the eBook and PDF for print. I am now looking at people who format for both Kindle and CreateSpace. I tried formatting myself. The eBook was easy, the print book was, well, I won’t repeat the language I used. Hence, the need for a third party.

Now comes the really hard part—the marketing. Being a solitary soul, preferring to sequester myself as I spin tales and conjure story plots, this necessity to thrust myself onto the world’s stage has me a bit flustered.

Favoring one-on-one rather than parties; quiet evenings at home rather than social gatherings; seeking individual advice rather than critique groups; I am nonplussed. I must now go from bit player to leading actress, projecting my writer’s role onto a worldwide audience.

Unfortunately, I haven’t a choice. Deciding to self-publish, being of a certain age and not willing to wait on someone else’s publishing schedule, I must do my own promotional work. Not that  the establishment publishers are doing that any longer; the Big Six are increasingly insisting that writers have platforms and must do their own promoting. Also, I am not about to stick my years of effort into a drawer and have it molder. But where to start?

If you are reading this you know I have a website. I guess I need to have a Facebook Fan Page. I considered a Twitter account but I do not envision myself tweeting—I’ll leave that to the birds outside my window. Forums, especially KindleBoards and CreateSpace are a necessity. I suppose I should participate in other’s blogs. I read some but have not yet commented. What else? What else?

Enough! Now that I have worked myself into a grand funk, I really must go and ponder this quandary.


Word for today: anodyne—Luellen was well loved at her local hospital as her calm and empathetic demeanor had an anodyne effect on the suffering patients.


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eBook Expenses

Now comes the snag. Expenses. The largest one, of course, is the editing. And I have dealt with that in my last blog. The next is formatting. I have compared pricing for people and companies who will do the conversion work. But this is my first book and I don’t have a lot of money. In fact, very little. But learning is free. As I huff and puff my way up the learning curve, I ask myself — what have I gotten myself into? Fortunately, I have found a relatively easy to understand eBook instruction manual called: Kindle Formatting Formula: How to Format Perfect Kindle Books (PC Version) by Amy McDaniel.  Hopefully it will work. If not, oh well, I guess I will have to ship it out.

Another expense will be my author photo. I really have a terrible one now on my personal Facebook page. I definitely need a new one. A professional one. Hate the expense but this is important.

Next is the cover art. I am going with a NASA image (since the book is science fiction) and sending it out to be done. Only $40 that way. Thank you Mark’s List.

The last expense I foresee (negating market expenses, which will be post-publication) will be obtaining a copyright. I know I don’t need to get one – the book is already considered copyrighted from the moment I put the first word into my word processing program but, if it is plagiarized, I can’t do anything about it unless it is formally registered. The electronic filing, called eCO, is only $35 so I think I can live with that. It appears these will have to be my Xmas gifts to myself this year.


Today’s Word: protean — Henry’s protean features allowed him to play many varied roles in his community theater.


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Almost There

To paraphrase: Oh, what what a tangled mess we play, when first we practice to stray (sorry, Sir Walter Scott). Stray from the beaten path, that is.

My decision is made — I am publishing my own book. An eBook. I will be uploading to both Amazon for Kindle and Smashwords for everyone  else. And now the fun begins.

Did I say fun? I meant challenge. Maybe it will be fun. Some day. One of my first challenges was computing my upfront costs. But I believe I’ve managed to pare that down a bit.

On the first of August I will be sending my manuscript out for editing. The efforts of this lovely lady will be duly acknowledged in my book. The cost of her services will be my greatest expense. Though I will say she is worth every bit of it.

As to my other expenses, I will relate them later. I still need to do some more research.


Word for today: fey — On warm evenings little Wanda chased lightning bugs in they fey dance of the fairies.


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What’s in a Name?

Or maybe I should say title, as in book title. Mine keeps changing. Maybe because it is my first book.

When I began my first draft it was titled — Future History. But by my third draft I had changed the prologue, so that title became defunct. I next titled it — A Second Chance. I didn’t like it. Wimpy. By the sixth draft I finally decided on — Last Hope.

Will it remain the title? Maybe. The book still has a ways to go before publishing. Anything could happen. But, unless my muse enlightens me with a better one, I will probably stick with my third, and hopefully final, title.


Word for today: cerebration — Whenever Peter began writing a new book he would spend hours staring out his window, noticing nothing, totally lost in his cerebration


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It seems I have been repeating myself. When I began posting again, after surgery, I failed to look back to see what subjects I had covered previously. It seems two of my more recent posts are duplicates of ones I did last summer. Mea culpa.

I will try not to be redundant in the future. I have also noticed that I have failed to provide a vocabulary word. I will try to insert one each time I post.

I think that’s enough self-criticism for one day. Onward and upwards.


Word for today: ensorcell — Her warmth and charm ensorcelled them.


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Change of Pace

Do you pleasure read in the same genre as you write? I used to. My Works-in-Progress are in the genres of science fiction, horror and dark fantasy. For years I read these also. No longer. Now that I am in the midst of my one finished book’s fourth draft, plus in various stages with seven other books, all in the above mentioned genres, I need a change.

Currently, my pleasure reading is mysteries, both British and American. Of my favorite British mystery writers are Deborah Crombie, Peter Robinson, Betty Rowlands,  M.C. Beaton and Ann Purser. On this side of the pond are J.D. Robb, Elizabeth Peters, Dolores Stewart Riccio, E.J. Copperman, Juliet Blackwell and Lorna Barrett. I do still read some fantasies, mostly by Terry Brooks, Yasmine Galenorn and the late, but still great, David and Leigh Eddings.

Will I ever write a mystery? Who knows. Maybe. Right now, I read for escape, for fun, for a respite. I may try my hand at it someday. For now, I am still leaching out all the other genres I had absorbed. And with my fascination with Ancient Egypt, could historical fiction be far behind? One never knows.

Now, you must excuse me. Deborah Crombie’s latest book has been released and I must order a copy.


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