Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been busy, sort of. Plus I couldn’t really think of what to say on here. But now I think I’ll take a page from Dean Wesley Smith and post my daily life. Though I don’t think I’ll go into the details he does. I don’t know how long I will keep this up. Maybe a month or two (if I’m lucky), maybe forever (if you’re not). I hope to do this six days a week (Saturday is my Offline Day, getting a break from the computer and spending more time reading) .

Anyways, today I did my second draft of “The Chariot.” That is one of the short stories that will be part of my collection titled: Tarot Tales.  I am almost finished with the second draft of the entire book; only have a few more stories to go. I also read a couple of articles in my latest issue of Writer’s Digest. And I read a chapter in The Cosmic Connection by Carl Sagan. This book is a little dated, but most of it is timeless, and interesting.

Tonight I will continue rereading Genesis of Shannara: The Gypsy Morph by Terry Brooks. I like to have two, even three books going at the same time — gives me a little variety.

I won’t be doing a Word for Today. I will probably change this to Word of the Week and tack it onto the end of my regular post on Sunday (it’ll give me a little extra to do on Saturday). Well, I hope to see you tomorrow. Maybe I’ll add a thought or two, maybe not. Just keeping it loose, for now.



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The Evolution of Tarot Tales

Tarot Tales has undergone a few changes from inception to execution. The metamorphosis may not yet be complete.

The original concept of Tarot Tales was a series of stories within a story. The encompassing story was loosely a murder mystery and it explained the wherefore of the short stories.

However, when I began writing the short stories, I found the main cover story to be unwieldy. It had to go. Fortunately, I only stowed away all my notes rather than jettisoning them.

Then came the last short story—Death. My original idea for this tale tied into the original main story. But since that no longer existed, a new one needed to be created. I spent weeks trying different story ideas, but I kept coming back to the first one.

Frustrated, exasperated, finally resigned, I disinterred the initial enveloping narrative for reinstatement. So now I am back to the beginning. Will it remain in its present conformation? I have no idea. When I send it out for editing, it may return with the suggestion it again should be scrapped. I hope not. I have grown rather fond of the present structure.


Word for Today: Louche — Miranda’s louche reputation made her unwelcome in certain quarters of polite society.


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Done with Tarot Tales

I am done . . . with the first draft. Now the fun begins because tomorrow I will start the second draft.

Not to say I don’t enjoy creating first drafts. Letting my imagination run wild is an exhilarating experience, like a roller coaster with its ups and downs.

But the second draft is more leisurely and reflective. I don’t have to worry about what is the story, why is the story or how is the story. I can just kick back and nitpick the hell out of it.


Word for Today: Argus-eyed — Jeremy’s Argus-eyed reputation made his business, as a private security operative, extremely successful.


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Death (Tarot Tales)

Peter and Kerry awoke in a fog-shrouded nowhere. After recovering their recent memories, they recognized they were dead. Now what?

Death introduced himself. They realized Death was not only an event but also an entity. As they listened to the Final Arbiter’s pronouncements as to the fates of others also suspended in this murky gloom, they feared for their own future. If future was a term that could be used under the circumstances. Would this be their end, lost forever in this phantasmal swamp? Or would there be a new beginning toward a better life? Or was this just a way station, a holding ground, for what?

As Death announced their names they first shook with trepidation, then squared their shoulders to meet their destiny.


Word for Today: Trenchant — David’s flair for trenchant remarks made him very popular as a speech writer.


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The Star (Tarot Tales)

Driven from their homes on Earth, their navigational controls commandeered by an unknown entity, five generations of humans have hurtled through space toward their destiny: a collision course with a distant star.

Will this be the stellar extinction of our stalwart refugees? Or does that mysterious force have other plans?


Word for Today: Incult — Phoebe dumped her boyfriend when she realized his incult manners could not be refined.


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The Devil (Tarot Tales)

Camille was beautiful, alluring. No married man could resist her. No husband could survive the anguish when she tired of him; no wife could survive her husband’s torment.

Can this devil’s seductress be stopped before more tragedies occur?


Word for Today: Arcanum — Matthew was an expert in arcanum.  He was the go-to person for the occult and all things mysterious.


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The Empress (Tarot Tales)

Possessed! Inhabited within her is an empress cursed by a jealous sorceress, Brianna must now share her mind and spirit with an internal roommate.

Will Brianna forever have to endure a dual existence or will she be able to rid herself of her literal soul-mate?


Word for Today: Trope — Samantha had a knack for creating original similes and metaphors; her tropes were uniquely distinctive.


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A New Year . . .

. . . and a new start. It’s back to work. Almost two weeks of downtime and I am feeling relaxed and refreshed. Not that I have vegetated; I’ve spent my writing time reading, which is never a wasted pursuit. And I am almost halfway through my reorganizing—picked the wrong time of the year for this one—and will try to keep up with it a little each day.

So now, come Monday, I should be all set to continue on with Tarot Tales. Only four more stories and the first draft will be finished. And I should have the next story tease ready for the following week. Will see you then.


Word for Today: Lacuna — Lisa found it impossible to follow Jonathan’s conversations. The lacunae in his narrations, as he jumped from subject to subject sans transitions, left her feeling as if she were leaping from hilltop to hilltop without even seeing the valley between.


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Happy Holidays

Thought I’d take some time off for the holidays.

Will be back the Monday after — Happy New Year!

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The Chariot (Tarot Tales)

As the few remaining hours of Billy Sanderson’s young life counted down, into his hospital room appeared an old man who presented him with a wondrous toy and a fantastic tale.

Would the boy hold onto a promise of things to come or would he sink, despondent, into his inevitable fate?


Word for Today: Apposite — Sheila was always able to find the apposite word to impart her feelings, whether they were to congratulate or console.


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