Writing Prompt #3

Create a short story that takes place inside a refrigerator. The main character’s name is Ketchup. Who will be the antagonist?

∞ ∞

Here I was, Ketchup, minding my own business when the Human opened the door and popped in a new resident—Tabasco. She looked like a real hot chick but somehow I knew she had an explosive temper inside that cool exterior.

I tried to get close to her but she didn’t seem to want anything to do with a plain ordinary condiment. All she talked about was how she would be the perfect choice for salsa or bloody Marys or huevos rancheros. She believed the entire world revolved around her.

The Human tried her a few times. At first, he used her two days in a row but, on the third day, he didn’t even open the door. We could all hear him moaning and wondered what the problem was.

About a week later he tried her once more but for the following days he chose me instead. The Tabasco broad claimed she was being saved for very special occasions and only lowlifes like me were used for more pedestrian uses.

It was a month before the Human used her again. Later that day he flung open the door and grabbed Tabasco with the comment: “I’ve had enough of your problems.” We haven’t seen her since. Which only proves the additive adage: If something seems too good be used, it probably is.

∞ ∞ ∞

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Writing Prompt #2

What would your life have been like if you lived during the Renaissance? Write a journal entry as if you were leading that life.


∞ ∞

We hath been cooking all day preparing for the Easter pageant. There will be chickens, geese, many fishes, fruits, pies. Casks of wine have been delivered and are ready for the spigots to be driven into them.

There hath been some excitement: Donatelli has sculpted something for the pageant but no one has seen it yet.

I do wish Magritta was here. It still pains me to think how she and the baby died during birthing. If only our surgeons worked as hard as our artists. Must go. The guests are arriving, along with the musicians. It will be a fine festival.

∞  ∞  ∞

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Writing Prompt #1

Instead of the usual posting, at which I am terribly remiss, I have decided to provide a weekly writing prompt instead. I have collected these prompts from various sources, over the years, and I will now share them with you.

After each prompt I will post my response. Please feel free to play with these prompts and I hope you have as much fun as I had.

Prompt #1: Time moves slow and fast, and it never stops. Challenge yourself to create metaphors to describe time.

∞ ∞

Time flowed ever constant like the Rhine to the North Sea.

Time crept slowly forward like a snail on sandpaper.

Time raced like a hungry cheetah after prey.

Time marched on like a well-drilled regimen.

Timed flowed like mercury poured on a fresh-turned field, a fleeting glimpse that too soon disappeared forever from sight.

∞ ∞ ∞




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Back to Work

It’s been a long time. No excuses, except I’ve wanted to catch up on my reading. I’ve started perusing four series: 1) Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny; 2) Ruth Galloway series by Elly Griffiths; 3) Thrush Green series by Miss Read (Doris Saint); and 4) Earthsea series by Ursula Le Guin. And I am loving them all.


Progress Report

On the advice of my editor, Katherine Quimby Johnson, I have taken out my Prologue and Epilogue (of Tarot Tales, a short story collection), broken them up into smaller pieces, and interspersed them amongst the stories.

I’ve also finished The Tower and have typed it up in eBook format. And, finally, I’ve read up on how to format the Table of Contents. I didn’t have one for my first book, but I will definitely need one for this. Wish me luck; I may need it.

Other Thoughts

This has certainly been a busy week on the news front. Between the devastating slaughter of innocent people, to the despicable burning of black churches, to the welcome news of Supreme Court rulings, there is certainly much a writer can draw from. No one should be able to claim there is a dearth of resource material. Enough said on that subject.

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Tuesday, July 29,2014

Done! With the second draft anyways. Will be taking some time off – just a few days. Then I will be back either Sunday or Monday for the third, and final, draft of Tarot Tales. Then it will be off to an editor for her input.

I have dropped the “frame” format for the book. The so-called “shelves” between the short stories have been consolidated into a Prologue and Epilogue. Much easier to handle and I’m sure readers will appreciate it.

Going to get some rest, then on to catch-up with other work. Bye for now.


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Monday, July 28, 2014

Did the second draft for the short story – Death – that’s the last one. Now, I just have the Epilogue to do.

I finally looked up what Amazon is charging for a monthly subscription to Kindle Unlimited: $9.99 a month. Seems a little expensive but when you figure you get to read an unlimited amount of eBooks (that are enrolled in the program) during that month, I guess it could be a bargain. Of course, the author gets nothing until the reader reads 10% of the eBook, so it could take a while, if the reader downloads quite a few books at a time.  Time will tell if this is worth it. If not, I can always drop out (again) of the KDP Select program and expand to Smashwords as I have been thinking of doing. Then, at least, those with Nook and IPad devices will be able to read my book(s).


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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Did the second draft of the story, The Star, today. Only one short story and one frame story left to do.

My daily reading habit — well, I am currently reading two books (I will sometimes throw in a third, but not currently). My daytime book (lunch & teatime) is usually non-fiction and the one I am now reading is The Illustrated A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. My evening book is usually fiction and the current one I am reading is First King of Shannara by Terry Brooks.

Yesterday I went to our local Heritage Festival and pigged out on french fries, foot-long hot dog and kettle corn. Looked in at the library book sale but didn’t find anything interesting this year. I usually find something but maybe I was too drowsy from eating. Maybe next year.

I’ve decided to discontinue the vocabulary section. Have enough to do right now. I might (or might not) reinstate it at a future time.

Right now, I can’t keep my eyes open. Need a nap badly. Be back tomorrow, hopefully more awake and alert.


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Friday, July 25, 2014

Finished the second draft of the short story – The Devil – which is part of my collection. I only have two more stories and three frame story segments left to do. Explanation: The frame story is a segmented tale within which the stories will appear. The segments are like the shelves on a bookcase, each telling a section of the “frame” story, and on each “shelf” are 3 or 4 of the short stories. I don’t know if this configuration will hold when I send this out to be professionally edited, but I hope so.

I see that Amazon has come up with a new wrinkle in their KDP Select program called KDP Unlimited. It’s based on a monthly subscription readers are suppose to sign up for. I haven’t looked into how much this subscription costs but I hope it isn’t so high that it drives readers away, like their hike in the Premium plan. I had dropped my KDP Select membership hoping to branch out to other readers via Smashwords, but I think I will try this first. I can always expand to the other readers later.

Tomorrow if my “Offline Day” so I won’t be turning on my computer (though I still get most of my email via my Smartphone). So I will be back on Sunday.


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Thursday, July 24, 2014

No writing today.  Grocery shopping. Caffeine deprivation.  Other ladies of a certain age will understand when I say that if I am going out grocery shopping or to the mall, I do not drink coffee in the morning, only one cup of weak tea. And I need two cups of strong coffee to wake up the Muse, especially since I prefer writing in the morning  immediately after I get out of bed. That is, after I first feed my feline companions — I do value my life enough not to try to do anything before feeding them.

I did read another article in Writer’s Digest today. And since I finished reading The Gypsy Morph last night, I will be starting to read Book Clubbed by Lorna Barrett tonight.

Quiet day. Spent over an hour Googling small freezers and am still not sure if I want one.  Good night for now.



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