Writing Prompt #3

Create a short story that takes place inside a refrigerator. The main character’s name is Ketchup. Who will be the antagonist?

∞ ∞

Here I was, Ketchup, minding my own business when the Human opened the door and popped in a new resident—Tabasco. She looked like a real hot chick but somehow I knew she had an explosive temper inside that cool exterior.

I tried to get close to her but she didn’t seem to want anything to do with a plain ordinary condiment. All she talked about was how she would be the perfect choice for salsa or bloody Marys or huevos rancheros. She believed the entire world revolved around her.

The Human tried her a few times. At first, he used her two days in a row but, on the third day, he didn’t even open the door. We could all hear him moaning and wondered what the problem was.

About a week later he tried her once more but for the following days he chose me instead. The Tabasco broad claimed she was being saved for very special occasions and only lowlifes like me were used for more pedestrian uses.

It was a month before the Human used her again. Later that day he flung open the door and grabbed Tabasco with the comment: “I’ve had enough of your problems.” We haven’t seen her since. Which only proves the additive adage: If something seems too good be used, it probably is.

∞ ∞ ∞

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