Back to Work

It’s been a long time. No excuses, except I’ve wanted to catch up on my reading. I’ve started perusing four series: 1) Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny; 2) Ruth Galloway series by Elly Griffiths; 3) Thrush Green series by Miss Read (Doris Saint); and 4) Earthsea series by Ursula Le Guin. And I am loving them all.


Progress Report

On the advice of my editor, Katherine Quimby Johnson, I have taken out my Prologue and Epilogue (of Tarot Tales, a short story collection), broken them up into smaller pieces, and interspersed them amongst the stories.

I’ve also finished The Tower and have typed it up in eBook format. And, finally, I’ve read up on how to format the Table of Contents. I didn’t have one for my first book, but I will definitely need one for this. Wish me luck; I may need it.

Other Thoughts

This has certainly been a busy week on the news front. Between the devastating slaughter of innocent people, to the despicable burning of black churches, to the welcome news of Supreme Court rulings, there is certainly much a writer can draw from. No one should be able to claim there is a dearth of resource material. Enough said on that subject.

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