Thursday, July 24, 2014

No writing today.  Grocery shopping. Caffeine deprivation.  Other ladies of a certain age will understand when I say that if I am going out grocery shopping or to the mall, I do not drink coffee in the morning, only one cup of weak tea. And I need two cups of strong coffee to wake up the Muse, especially since I prefer writing in the morning  immediately after I get out of bed. That is, after I first feed my feline companions — I do value my life enough not to try to do anything before feeding them.

I did read another article in Writer’s Digest today. And since I finished reading The Gypsy Morph last night, I will be starting to read Book Clubbed by Lorna Barrett tonight.

Quiet day. Spent over an hour Googling small freezers and am still not sure if I want one.  Good night for now.



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