Sunday, July 27, 2014

Did the second draft of the story, The Star, today. Only one short story and one frame story left to do.

My daily reading habit — well, I am currently reading two books (I will sometimes throw in a third, but not currently). My daytime book (lunch & teatime) is usually non-fiction and the one I am now reading is The Illustrated A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. My evening book is usually fiction and the current one I am reading is First King of Shannara by Terry Brooks.

Yesterday I went to our local Heritage Festival and pigged out on french fries, foot-long hot dog and kettle corn. Looked in at the library book sale but didn’t find anything interesting this year. I usually find something but maybe I was too drowsy from eating. Maybe next year.

I’ve decided to discontinue the vocabulary section. Have enough to do right now. I might (or might not) reinstate it at a future time.

Right now, I can’t keep my eyes open. Need a nap badly. Be back tomorrow, hopefully more awake and alert.


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