Friday, July 25, 2014

Finished the second draft of the short story – The Devil – which is part of my collection. I only have two more stories and three frame story segments left to do. Explanation: The frame story is a segmented tale within which the stories will appear. The segments are like the shelves on a bookcase, each telling a section of the “frame” story, and on each “shelf” are 3 or 4 of the short stories. I don’t know if this configuration will hold when I send this out to be professionally edited, but I hope so.

I see that Amazon has come up with a new wrinkle in their KDP Select program called KDP Unlimited. It’s based on a monthly subscription readers are suppose to sign up for. I haven’t looked into how much this subscription costs but I hope it isn’t so high that it drives readers away, like their hike in the Premium plan. I had dropped my KDP Select membership hoping to branch out to other readers via Smashwords, but I think I will try this first. I can always expand to the other readers later.

Tomorrow if my “Offline Day” so I won’t be turning on my computer (though I still get most of my email via my Smartphone). So I will be back on Sunday.


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