The Evolution of Tarot Tales

Tarot Tales has undergone a few changes from inception to execution. The metamorphosis may not yet be complete.

The original concept of Tarot Tales was a series of stories within a story. The encompassing story was loosely a murder mystery and it explained the wherefore of the short stories.

However, when I began writing the short stories, I found the main cover story to be unwieldy. It had to go. Fortunately, I only stowed away all my notes rather than jettisoning them.

Then came the last short story—Death. My original idea for this tale tied into the original main story. But since that no longer existed, a new one needed to be created. I spent weeks trying different story ideas, but I kept coming back to the first one.

Frustrated, exasperated, finally resigned, I disinterred the initial enveloping narrative for reinstatement. So now I am back to the beginning. Will it remain in its present conformation? I have no idea. When I send it out for editing, it may return with the suggestion it again should be scrapped. I hope not. I have grown rather fond of the present structure.


Word for Today: Louche — Miranda’s louche reputation made her unwelcome in certain quarters of polite society.


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