Death (Tarot Tales)

Peter and Kerry awoke in a fog-shrouded nowhere. After recovering their recent memories, they recognized they were dead. Now what?

Death introduced himself. They realized Death was not only an event but also an entity. As they listened to the Final Arbiter’s pronouncements as to the fates of others also suspended in this murky gloom, they feared for their own future. If future was a term that could be used under the circumstances. Would this be their end, lost forever in this phantasmal swamp? Or would there be a new beginning toward a better life? Or was this just a way station, a holding ground, for what?

As Death announced their names they first shook with trepidation, then squared their shoulders to meet their destiny.


Word for Today: Trenchant — David’s flair for trenchant remarks made him very popular as a speech writer.


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