A New Year . . .

. . . and a new start. It’s back to work. Almost two weeks of downtime and I am feeling relaxed and refreshed. Not that I have vegetated; I’ve spent my writing time reading, which is never a wasted pursuit. And I am almost halfway through my reorganizing—picked the wrong time of the year for this one—and will try to keep up with it a little each day.

So now, come Monday, I should be all set to continue on with Tarot Tales. Only four more stories and the first draft will be finished. And I should have the next story tease ready for the following week. Will see you then.


Word for Today: Lacuna — Lisa found it impossible to follow Jonathan’s conversations. The lacunae in his narrations, as he jumped from subject to subject sans transitions, left her feeling as if she were leaping from hilltop to hilltop without even seeing the valley between.


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