Tarot Tales

I am nearing the completion of the first draft of my short story collection titled Tarot Tales.

Beginning next week, and continuing for a total of 23 weeks, I will be posting a “teaser” of each story.

Yes, I know, there are only 22 Major Arcana cards in a Tarot deck. My Muse, however, insisted I divide one of the stories into two parts and sandwich them around another tale. I will explain more when I get to that part of the collection.

The stories themselves have nothing to do with a Tarot deck. They are simply tales that have been inspired when looking at the card or by the name of the card.

The collection will not be in any one genre but each will be either science fiction, horror or fantasy. The tales will be happy or sad, serious or humorous, poignant or frivolous.

By reading the blurbs, I hope you will be as inspired to read the finished book as I have been to write it.


Word for Today: Zeitgeist—Roland decided to write about the Zeitgeist of the Victorian era and its repression of sensual stimulation.


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