Facebook Screw-up

There are a number of Facebook sites that not only welcome but also invite independent authors to participate. These pages were created so that authors could list their eBook promotions.

Facebook has now deemed these invited and welcome posters as spammers.

That’s right. If you dare to post on the Facebook pages, which exist solely for the purpose of advertising your promotions, you are now considered a spammer and can be barred from any further posting for a pre-determined number of days.

Warning: If you wish to post your eBook promotions on any of these Facebook pages that allow it, be very careful—you could be labeled a “spammer.” My advice: Everyone reading this post should contact these Facebook sites and inform them that their participants are now considered spammers by the Facebook hierarchy.


Word for Today: Guttle—The only result of Spencer’s two-meal fasting diet was to guttle his evening meal in quantity greater than if he had not fasted at all.



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