New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Most people who make New Year’s resolutions list what they hope to do in the following year. I am going to flip that and post what I will not do:

  • I will not allow a mountain of minutiae to block sight of my dream.
  • I will not allow small-minded people to narrow my vision.
  • I will not allow the pressure of daily and/or weekly goals keep me from looking out the window to see the sun, moon, stars; smelling flowers or fresh-mowed grass; or hear tires crunching fresh-fallen snow.
  • I will not allow the drudge of daily chores to keep me from stopping to laugh at a kitten’s silly antics.
  • I will not allow petty aggravations and frustrations to block my creative endeavors or to darken inspiration under a cloud of negativity.
  • I will not allow my desire for success to cause me to forget that it is the joy of the journey, not the destination, that is important.


Word for today: Raffish—Andre’s raffish smile and infectious laughter brought immediate forgiveness for his outrageous behavior.



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