Preparing to Launch

I am almost an indie author. Very soon I hope to drop the word “almost.”

My first book is finished, professionally edited—thank you Katherine Quimby Johnson. The book cover is done—a JPG for the eBook and PDF for print. I am now looking at people who format for both Kindle and CreateSpace. I tried formatting myself. The eBook was easy, the print book was, well, I won’t repeat the language I used. Hence, the need for a third party.

Now comes the really hard part—the marketing. Being a solitary soul, preferring to sequester myself as I spin tales and conjure story plots, this necessity to thrust myself onto the world’s stage has me a bit flustered.

Favoring one-on-one rather than parties; quiet evenings at home rather than social gatherings; seeking individual advice rather than critique groups; I am nonplussed. I must now go from bit player to leading actress, projecting my writer’s role onto a worldwide audience.

Unfortunately, I haven’t a choice. Deciding to self-publish, being of a certain age and not willing to wait on someone else’s publishing schedule, I must do my own promotional work. Not that  the establishment publishers are doing that any longer; the Big Six are increasingly insisting that writers have platforms and must do their own promoting. Also, I am not about to stick my years of effort into a drawer and have it molder. But where to start?

If you are reading this you know I have a website. I guess I need to have a Facebook Fan Page. I considered a Twitter account but I do not envision myself tweeting—I’ll leave that to the birds outside my window. Forums, especially KindleBoards and CreateSpace are a necessity. I suppose I should participate in other’s blogs. I read some but have not yet commented. What else? What else?

Enough! Now that I have worked myself into a grand funk, I really must go and ponder this quandary.


Word for today: anodyne—Luellen was well loved at her local hospital as her calm and empathetic demeanor had an anodyne effect on the suffering patients.


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