eBook Expenses

Now comes the snag. Expenses. The largest one, of course, is the editing. And I have dealt with that in my last blog. The next is formatting. I have compared pricing for people and companies who will do the conversion work. But this is my first book and I don’t have a lot of money. In fact, very little. But learning is free. As I huff and puff my way up the learning curve, I ask myself — what have I gotten myself into? Fortunately, I have found a relatively easy to understand eBook instruction manual called: Kindle Formatting Formula: How to Format Perfect Kindle Books (PC Version) by Amy McDaniel.  Hopefully it will work. If not, oh well, I guess I will have to ship it out.

Another expense will be my author photo. I really have a terrible one now on my personal Facebook page. I definitely need a new one. A professional one. Hate the expense but this is important.

Next is the cover art. I am going with a NASA image (since the book is science fiction) and sending it out to be done. Only $40 that way. Thank you Mark’s List.

The last expense I foresee (negating market expenses, which will be post-publication) will be obtaining a copyright. I know I don’t need to get one – the book is already considered copyrighted from the moment I put the first word into my word processing program but, if it is plagiarized, I can’t do anything about it unless it is formally registered. The electronic filing, called eCO, is only $35 so I think I can live with that. It appears these will have to be my Xmas gifts to myself this year.


Today’s Word: protean — Henry’s protean features allowed him to play many varied roles in his community theater.


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