Almost There

To paraphrase: Oh, what what a tangled mess we play, when first we practice to stray (sorry, Sir Walter Scott). Stray from the beaten path, that is.

My decision is made — I am publishing my own book. An eBook. I will be uploading to both Amazon for Kindle and Smashwords for everyone  else. And now the fun begins.

Did I say fun? I meant challenge. Maybe it will be fun. Some day. One of my first challenges was computing my upfront costs. But I believe I’ve managed to pare that down a bit.

On the first of August I will be sending my manuscript out for editing. The efforts of this lovely lady will be duly acknowledged in my book. The cost of her services will be my greatest expense. Though I will say she is worth every bit of it.

As to my other expenses, I will relate them later. I still need to do some more research.


Word for today: fey — On warm evenings little Wanda chased lightning bugs in they fey dance of the fairies.


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