Where are you?

Have you ever lost a word? Have it go skittering off to play hide-and-seek? At least once a chapter I look for a certain, descriptive word but can’t find it. It seems to know I’m looking and has decided to run off to play instead of doing its job. It just seems to slither under my consciousness and . . .

Slither? Where have you been? I was looking for you two chapters ago. I wanted a word that meant to flow lowly along the ground, but couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere, even in the thesaurus and dictionary. But here you are; I would like to say all shiny and new, but I can’t. Rather, you are wrinkled and ink-smeared. You’ve been hiding out in the graphic novels, haven’t you? Well, let’s get you all cleaned up and back where you belong.

I used to fret when a particular word used to escape me. No longer. I have learned that if I ignore it, use a substitute (like I used ‘sneak’ in lieu of ‘slither’), eventually the little dickens will come out from wherever it has been hiding. Contrite – really doesn’t like being ignored, lonely – missing all its companions, it has finally decided to return and become a productive member of my discourse.

I see it’s time to move on. I will just plug a surrogate word into this chapter until the truant has returned. Or find a more suitable replacement. (Do you think it heard me? I hope so.)



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