Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are an excellent way to begin your writing day. Or as an escape from writer’s block. Or as a fill-in between composing stories or books. They not only keep your skills honed, they can inspire new stories. They can also be a lark.


I remember one prompt that advised sitting where you can watch people pass by and write what their thoughts might be at that moment.


Another one instructed the selection of a random word from the dictionary and to write out its definition. Then you were told to invent a new definition.


My favorite prompt was to write a limerick. Though I did not strictly follow the rule for anapestic lines, I still had a lot of fun creating my own version:


A young lass who worked as a tutor;

Was matched up by friends with a suitor;

His manners were lacking,

She soon sent him packing,

“I’d rather make love to a computer.”

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