Welcome . . . Again

There is an old idiom: Third time’s the charm. I hope so, since this is the third blog page I have created.


The first was, well, not exactly aesthetically pleasing. In fact, it was butt ugly. The second was pretty, but I didn’t want pretty. Since the books I am writing are in the genres of science fiction, horror and dark fantasy, I wanted atmospheric. I think I’ve caught it. Maybe. Of course, I may change my mind again. I hope not.


Playing around with WordPress has been fun, even refreshing, but it’s time to get back to work. In this blog’s previous incarnation, I mentioned I was temporarily setting aside my current Work in Progress after four drafts, and going on to my second book. It was while I working on this project I realized I missed my first book and wanted to get back to it. So that is what I will be doing. Draft five will be a very in-depth scene-by-scene revision process, so if I am a little tardy in my weekly reflections, please understand I may be under the thrall of my muse.

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