Tax Advice for Writers

After receiving some sage advice, I spent all of yesterday morning rummaging through my receipt folders looking for writing-related expenses. I found one. Fortunately, with my checkbook as a guide, I was able to track down all the pertinent documents regarding purchases such as flash drives, paper, etc., and print them out.


Why am I doing this in June? When I haven’t even been published yet? Because I have expectations (let’s make that hopes) of receiving some remuneration before year’s end. Even if I don’t, I will at least have everything set up so I can just plop all receipts immediately into a reserved folder, record the expense into a handy spreadsheet and be ready.


Thanks to these websites by these writers:

Daniel Steven


Melvyn Windham

I now know exactly which expenses are allowable as deductions. I am sure there are other websites which are helpful, but I thought I would pass along these two. And if I had thought about this in January, I wouldn’t have wasted an entire morning I could have been writing.


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